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Importance of High-Performance Culture

Today’s revolutionaries are able to leverage frequent feedback as a new source to listen employees,

increase performance, and enhance trust culture.


High Performance

Role Based Target Categories
360° Actionable Feedback
Rewards & Recognition
Insights & Trends Analytics

People & Culture

Trust & Transparency
Peer-to-peer L & D
Visibility of Company Culture & Values

Decision Making

Data Driven Decisions
Organizational Structure
Efficient Team Structuring
Learning & Development

Recognize Talent & Increase Engagement Without a Performance Review


Improve employees’ behavioural competencies and enhance value culture


Provide a platform to earn points & badges, get recognized as a result of 360 degree feedbacks collected


Enable your team to prove their development based on feedback data and reward developing team members

Monitor & Manage Your Performance and Cultural Development From Mobile

31% Performance increase on employees who receive frequent & instant feedback at work

Increase in communication frequency between employee – manager reduces employee turnover by 30%


Emloyee engagement rate increases up to 50% in companies who are able to build a feedback system instead of annual performance reviews

Why Buddy?

Measures Behavioral Performance

By the feedback collected 360 degrees, users make their performances measurable and trackable.

Generates Numerical Data

Employee involvement enables the measurement of subjective concepts such as behavioral performance and openness to development by quantitative data.

Compatible with HR Applications

Easy to integrate into existing IK Applications and systems.

Delivers Gamified Experience

Makes performance management and development fun with gaming elements included.

Rewards High Performance

Users win monetized or nın monetary rewards based on the points obtained through feedbacks.

Provides High Return on Investment

With the increase in productivity and time savings, the efficiency of the performance evaluation process increases and the cost is reduced.