What is Social Recognition and Why Is It Important to Your Company

Blog Posts / 9 October 2020

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Is your company utilizing proper social recognition techniques to maintain morale?

Simply put, social recognition means publicly highlighting employees’ successes.  Everyone enjoys being recognized for their achievements and receiving kudos from their peers.  Social recognition is a great morale-booster, as well as being a good way to highlight what activities and successes your operation would like to see from all employees.  Throwing in some small physical or monetary rewards helps, as well.

If your organization doesn’t have specific policies for recognizing exceptionalism in the workplace, here are a few reasons to implement social recognition policies.

Four Big Benefits of Utilizing Social Recognition in Your Workplace

  • Encouraging a mutually respectful workplace

No one wants to work in an office full of bitter backstabbers, and it’s bad for productivity as well.  If upper management sets a standard of behavior that applauds and rewards excellence and achievement, it will help set the tone for the entire corporate culture.  You want your workforce celebrating each other’s successes, rather than resenting them.

  • Improve employee morale and engagement

The old saying is true: a happy worker is a productive worker.  Employee recognition programs are excellent for keeping morale and employee engagement high and helping workers feel like their contributions are truly valued.  Further, awards and recognition give the workforce something to strive for, encouraging them to go above-and-beyond.

You can get a lot of extra productivity for a very small investment, with recognition programs.

  • Identify hidden talent

It would be nice if every worker were open and outgoing, but every office is going to have its share of introverts or those who just aren’t as socially motivated as others.  Identifying the talents and skills of these individuals can be difficult.  However, employee recognition awards can be the perfect way to identify them.  When you’re going over employee records looking for factual data-based successes, it prevents any social awkwardness from hiding true talent.

  • Encourage collaboration

Social recognition programs don’t only have to target individuals – they can also be aimed at teams, departments, or even entire branches.  Set up some larger-scale awards that recognize excellence within a group, and you’ll be directly encouraging your groups to work together towards greater success.

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