How HR Can Help Improve Employee Performance

Blog Posts / 20 September 2020

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As an HR professional, you have a lot of duties and responsibilities – including helping to encourage better employee performance whenever possible.  You might not be directly overseeing any workers, aside from your own staff, but you have a position of insight into the performance of everyone in the company.  This puts you in a special place, capable of bringing about large-scale improvements in performance, morale, and productivity.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve employee performance and development throughout your operations.

Five Tips for Inspiring Better Employee Performance

  • Be sure everyone has clearly communicated goals and expectations

Often, poor employee performance is linked to poor communication.  If a worker is unclear about the expectations they’re being held to, or the most important goals they should be shooting for, it’s easy for them to get off-track.  Be sure everyone has well expressed written communication regarding their roles and goals.

  • Encourage regular, consistent performance evaluations

Employees should be regularly evaluated on their job performance, and those evaluations should be conducted utilizing standardized metrics which don’t change much from month to month.  This gives employees a standardized benchmark to track and improve their performance.

Also, encourage managers to avoid subjective evaluations whenever possible.  While they are occasionally unavoidable, it’s still best to stick to impartial facts, figures, and data to give the most accurate feedback.

  • Make employee development a strong priority

Productive employees aren’t only thinking about their jobs today, they’re thinking about and working towards their jobs in the future as well.  Or, at least, they should be.  What programs does your company have in place to aid and encourage employee development, such as the acquisition of new job skills?  These should be made available, and employees should be encouraged to discuss their career track with HR when possible.

  • Take employee suggestions on improving morale

If morale seems low across the board in a company, there are probably structural or procedural issues causing that to happen.  Conduct (anonymous) surveys and have face-to-face discussions.  Look for ways to improve problem areas that workers complain about.

  • Invest in better HR management software

HR is now moving into a world of real-time data and feedback, just like other areas of business.  A smart HR software upgrade can significantly upgrade your own ability to monitor employees, morale, and productivity – and gain insight into improving them.

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