How to Have Effective One on One Meetings with Employees

Blog Posts / 30 September 2020

(Time Read | 2 min) How are you at handling one on one meetings with employees? Many managers and HR professionals can be uncomfortable with such personal meetings, but they’re necessary from time to time.  Being able to carry on effective one on one meetings will help improve employee performance and morale, as well as […]

How To Safeguard Employee Wellbeing During The Pandemic

Blog Posts / 25 September 2020

(Time Read | 2 min) The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has caused huge changes to business practices in 2020, and its effects aren’t likely to stop any time soon.  Safeguarding employee wellbeing – both body and mind – has become more important than ever before.  Chances are, 2020 will be seen as a turning point where a […]

How HR Can Help Improve Employee Performance

Blog Posts / 20 September 2020

(Time Read | 2 min) As an HR professional, you have a lot of duties and responsibilities – including helping to encourage better employee performance whenever possible.  You might not be directly overseeing any workers, aside from your own staff, but you have a position of insight into the performance of everyone in the company.  […]

What Are the Most Important HR Metrics?

Blog Posts / 10 September 2020

(Time Read | 2 min) For a modern HR director, few things are more important than employee metrics.  When you’re responsible for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of workers, you need hard data to understand your workforce.  Focusing on key HR metrics, utilizing software to collect and evaluate those metrics in real-time, is what will […]